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Monday, June 18, 2012

My first review....

I was out getting a few things at the store when I stumbled across something that looked like a definite must try. My youngest has not been sleeping that great lately so, I have definitely had dark circles around my eyes and they have felt very tired. I bought some Aveeno Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment. Here is what the description says:

Great, healthy looking skin begins with a refreshed outlook. Lack of sleep, free-radicals and a hectic lifestyle can result in dark circles and puffiness. Formulated with antioxidant Southernwood extract,
SMART ESSENTIALS™ Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment hydrates and infuses under eyes with vitamins and antioxidants so you'll look and feel replenished. Smart skincare that knows what your skin needs and what it doesn't because:

It keeps the good in:
  • Infuses your delicate under-eye skin with antioxidant Southernwood extract and vitamins A, C & E in a formula to combat dark circles.
  • Hydrates to help immediately brighten the eye area.
And the bad out:
  • De-puffs under eye area by massaging with a cooling roller-ball.
Wow, after trying this I couldn't believe this little roll-on could make me feel so awake. My eyes felt awake and I liked the way it felt. I decided to tell my husband about it and he even decided to try it. He agreed that it was awesome and really worked. I am definitely going to try out some more of the Smart Essentials products.


makeupmistress said...

wish I could get this product here...in Cape Town. Sounds like something I could do with.

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